Why Livehelfi

Why LiveHelfi?

LiveHelfi only sells products of the highest quality. The assortment is compiled by Eduard de Wilde, certified Bulletproof Coach and biohacker. We have tested every product ourselves. From our modern distribution centre, we quickly supply the whole of Europe. We go for the best customer service. Our customers appreciate this with an excellent assessment.
  • Number one European Bulletproof reseller
  • Own stock, so fast delivery
  • No import duties
  • Delivery all over Europe
  • Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

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From the life of a biohacker.

Four reasons to choose the Bulletproof Lifestyle

What's most important to you?

Govert Viergever, Olympic rower

“I feel better than ever at tournaments after adopting this new (Bulletproof) lifestyle. Even better than at the previous Olympic games. I received my blood test results yesterday. My hematocrit (red blood cells, oxygen uptake) has increased by 20%. If it rises even more, I’ll have to prove the increase is due to natural causes! I consider that to be great. For the moment, I’ve also been able to make the most of this race, both mentally and physically. I am quite satisfied with those results as well.

“LiveHelfi sponsors me with supplements from Natural Stacks and Bulletproof. This really contributes to my success. Even if that is 4th place for now, I have the feeling that I’m just getting started and things will only get better by continuing this lifestyle. Victory is now within my reach.”

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About LiveHelfi and the Bulletproof Lifestyle

LiveHelfi aims to help people who want to get the most out of their mental and physical performance. We do this by supplying products, content, and advice that suit the Bulletproof Lifestyle and low-carb diets.

It is LiveHelfi's mission to:

  • sell a selection of products we think are the best choices for optimizing your mental and physical performance
  • offer information about the products and how they are best used
  • offer information about and inspiration for the Bulletproof Lifestyle
  • offer information about biohacking
  • share our personal experiences

The Bulletproof Lifestyle takes a holistic approach. It relies on tools like exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, supplements and technology that you can combine to achieve your goals.

LiveHelfi supplies a limited range of high-quality products. We test all products ourselves. The products suit low-carb high-fat diets. Examples are the Bulletproof Diet, Ketogenic Diets, the Paleo Diet, The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, and The Wild Diet by Abel James.

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