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Want to buy nootropics?

The category of ‘nootropics’ includes supplements and food products that improve mental performance for a limited time. That’s why they are also known as smart drugs. Nootropics include many products, ranging from subscription drugs to herbal supplements. A commonly used nootropic is coffee, because of the caffeine.

Nootropics are often used in combination with each other to enhance their individual effects. A carefully selected combination of nootropics is called a ‘stack’. A premade stack formulation available at LiveHelfi is CILTEP, made by Natural Stacks. CILTEP includes several herbs, vitamins, and amino acids. Because of legislation very little may be said about individual nootropics, even though they are popular among biohackers trying to improve their mental performance.

LiveHelfi aims to provide people with the tools to upgrade their physical and mental performance. That’s why you can always buy the best nootropics at LiveHelfi. We provide a selection of the best and most promising smart drugs which are recognized as effective by experts in the field.

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