The Bulletproof Executive is the specialist in the products of the Bulletproof® Executive. Our webshop offers the most comprehensive range of Bulletproof Executive in Europe. Moreover, we are the only provider of Bulletproof Executive products in the Netherlands that may use the Thuiswinkelwaarborg certificate of trusted webshops.

The Bulletproof Executive was established by the American biohacker Dave Asprey. They say he has spent the past 15 years, investing over $ 300,000 to hack his own body. A biohacker is someone who tries to influence his own biology using dietary changes, supplements, technology, sports and environment.

Dave Asprey, thanks to these tools, dropped 100 pounds and has increased his IQ by more than 20 points. He also experimented extensively with protocols to shorten his sleep there without suffering negative consequences.

The knowledge he has amassed he has translated into 'Bulletproof' products. Hence the brand name Bulletproof. These are products that are produced to a high standard, least affected by toxins and fungi. He also uses high-quality ingredients that usually come from organic farms or plantations. Producers meet the highest standards of corporate responsibility.

This explains why his products are not the cheapest. However, in general, you use less which results in a longer lifetime of the product. 

Dave Asprey, oprichter van The Bulletproof Executive 

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