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Remeker Organic Ghee

Ghee made from fresh organic cow's milk produced by grass-fed cows. Excellent for baking, roasting, stewing, and frying. Contains 230 or 750 grams.
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Product information

What Is Ghee?

Ghee is pure milkfat aka butterfat. It is a type of butter, from which the moisture and milk proteins have been removed. Ghee is clarified butter that has been cooked a bit longer to remove all the moisture.


Ghee is an excellent product for baking, roasting, stewing and frying. Due to its high smoke point of 250°C, no harmful free radicals are released when ghee is exposed to high heat. It doesn’t spit when heated because it contains no moisture. Ghee enhances the flavour of spices and herbs.

Remeker Ghee is a great alternative for burn cream. It also works well on blemishes and scrapes. 


The ghee comes in handy glass jars. Once opened, the ghee will need fresh air, so it is best to loosely place the lid on top, or tighten it lightly to enable the exchange of air. It is recommended that you store the ghee at room temperature. When stored this way, the ghee will keep practically indefinitely.


The Remeker Ghee is produced at the farm “De Groote Voort” in Lunteren. This is an organic farm. The cows are Jersey, a breed of beautiful small brown cows that are extremely suitable for organic farming. The cow doesn’t need much to produce a relatively large amount of milk.

Because the soil at the farm is well looked after, the grass is of high quality. Apart from this grass, the cows are also fed natural herbs and crushed grains. The grains are freshly crushed every morning, so the animals can use the enzymes in the grains. Thanks to this optimal diet and an open stable, the cows are healthy. They are not given any antibiotics and they are not dewormed or vaccinated. Newly born calves stay with their mother for the first three weeks of their lives. This gives them a good start.

Health Benefits of Ghee

Ghee contains a rich diversity of good fatty acids. It is rich in butyric acid, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and Omega 3. This ghee has a favourable omega 3/omega 6 ratio because it comes from grass-fed cows. Ghee contains many easily digestible essential fatty acids.

It also contains many vitamins, like vitamin A, D, E and K.

Ghee is free from casein, whey and lactose.

Ingredients & Use

Ingredients per serving (1 tablespoon of 13 g)

Calories 120  
      - Fat cal.  120  
Total fat 13 g 19%
- Sat. fat    7,8 g 39%

*RI= EU Reference Intake (of an average adult [2000 kcal]).

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