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Wouter Slegers

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I am Wouter, male, 41 years old. As an independent entrepreneur, I help organisations all over the world ensure that their products are safe. Think for example of chips in credit cards and electronic passports. This job demands a lot of mental clarity that I need all day because missing a small detail in such complicated products can lead to serious security problems. Furthermore, driven by a desire for a deeper connection between people, I have brought an American approach for authentic relating to Europe and called it Authentic Europe. Here we teach people through simple but deep games the building blocks of those conversations you remember for years. And finally, I am now training to become a Bulletproof Coach.

Acting on the advice of a friend I tried the Bulletproof Coffee and I was hooked right away: instead of a mere half hour of productivity between cups of coffee, I could suddenly work with clarity for the entire morning! I quickly added the simple Bulletproof Diet and I feel great in my own skin, I get lots more done, and am happier in my life. In addition to the constant high productivity, I easily and quickly lost weight to reach my target weight and I sleep much better. In my job, this translates to record productivity and in my social life I now have a rich experience of deep connections, across the globe.

The coffee is extremely easy to make. When I travel, I always bring a small travel size bottle of Brain Octane and some good butter, and I order a good black coffee. Mix them in a thermos, give it a shake and voila! (And often it is a fun topic of conversation with people who see me do this and ask in surprise why you would put butter in your coffee).

The diet is surprisingly simple to sustain. After the initial adjustment, cleaner eating just feels much better, and it is easy not to snack: I just don't long for it. The Bulletproof bars help me eat correctly in a hectic travel schedule. And if I'm ever in a situation that prevents me from sticking to the Bulletproof Diet, for example, because it would be inconvenient in the social context, then it doesn’t matter. I discretely take 1 or 2 capsules of Bulletproof Activated Charcoal before consuming bad products, which helps enormously in reducing the unpleasant consequences.


My favourite products:

  • Definitely Brain Octane Oil for my coffee, with good grass-fed butter in a thermos.
  • When travelling the Bulletproof bars (vanilla) are a massive help to get proper, clean food.
  • For sleeping the Sleep Induction Mat is fantastic. It takes a bit of getting used to, but my sleep is much deeper that way.
  • As a supplement, I use Unfair Advantage (I can feel the difference when I take it).
  • Another supplement that helps is Bulletproof Activated Charcoal, which reduces the damage of bad food and drinks.

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