Rainforest Foods Spirulina Tablets

Rainforest Foods Spirulina tablets consist of 100% of the highest quality organic spirulina. Free from radiation, bacteria and heavy metals.
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Why use Rainforest Foods spirulina tablets?

Rainforest Foods spirulina tablets contain 100% organically grown spirulina algae and are rich with 40 nutrients, which makes them the highest concentration of protein (64%) in the world. 

What makes Rainforest Foods spirulina tablets so unique is that it only exists of one ingredient, spirulina algae of the highest quality. That’s it. Nothing else. No sugar, no caffeine, no gluten, no soy, no additives, no GMO, no preservatives, no binders, nothing artificial, nothing added, nothing subtracted. The spirulina is grown on an island in the South-Chinese Sea and guaranteed to be safe. The spirulina is dried by spray evaporation, so all the nutrients and enzymes stay intact. 

Taking Rainforest Foods spirulina tablets is easy and fast. Unlike energy drinks or protein drinks, spirulina tablets don't need to be served cold; unlike gels, they don't cause stomach distress, and unlike protein powders, they don't need to be mixed.

Spirulina advantages

Most important advantages:

  • High Protein Snack (100% of the protein is bio-available)
  • Raw food
  • (mini) Meal Replacement
  • Travel-friendly
  • Safe for Children
  • Spirulina contains Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, iron, and iodine.
    • Vitamin B2, iron and iodine contribute to a normal energy-generating metabolism.
    • Vitamin B2, B6 and iron contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.
    • Vitamin B2, B6 and iodine contribute to normal nervous system functions.
    • Vitamin B6, D and iron contribute to normal immune system functions.
    • Iron and iodine contribute to normal cognitive functions.

Algae & protein

100% of the protein in the Rainforest Foods spirulina tablets is bio-available. In other words, your body absorbs ALL of it. Proteins in cracked spirulina cells are easily accessible to the body and are broken down well with the digestive enzymes human possess. This makes spirulina protein easily digestible into amino acids compared to other plant-derived or animal proteins.

Ingredients & Use

Ingredients & Usage

For the best results, take 6 Rainforest Foods spirulina tablets (or more) any time a day. Take the tablets with a beverage. If you experience detoxification symptoms, start with a reduced dose of 3-4 tabs daily and increase over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Rainforest Foods Spirulina tablets are a dietary supplement that falls into the category of herbal preparations.

Nutritional value per dose (6 tablets = 3 g)

Calories 10.5 kcal >1%
Total protein 1.8 g 3.6%
Total carbohydrates 0.3 g <1%
Total fat 0.2g <1%

Ingredients per dose (6 tablets = 3 g)

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 132 mcg 12.0%
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 207 mcg 14.8%
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 177 mcg 1.1%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 552 mcg 39.4%
Vitamin C 42 mcg 0.1%
Vitamin D 2.25 mcg 45.0%
Vitamin K 39 mcg 52.0%
Inositol 192 mcg *
Calcium 8.1 mg 1.0%
Phosphorus 28.5 mg 4.1%
Iron 2.5 mg 17.7%
Iodine 48 mcg 32.0%
Natrium/Sodium 21 mg *
Magnesium 8.1 mg 2.2%
Zinc 99 mcg 1.0%
Carotenoids 13.5 mg *
Chlorophyll 35 mg *
Phycocyanin 384 mg *

RI= EU Reference Intake (of an average adult [2000 kcal]), *RI unknown

Other Ingredients: none.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not exceed recommended dose.
  • Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your medical practitioner first.
  • Be careful in combination with aspartame.

Store tightly closed in a dry and cool place.

This product is a dietary supplement and is no replacement for a healthy and balanced diet and/or lifestyle.

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