Vegan protein powder

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Vegan protein powder

Most protein supplements are derived from animal sources. However, due to medical, ethical, or practical considerations, animal protein isn't always the preferred option. A plant-based protein can be the solution here. The vegetable protein we sell matches up to our animal protein in quality and versatility.

Our pea protein contains all nine essential amino acids, which are absorbed excellently and easy on the gut. This high absorbability contributes to recovery after exercise. Pea protein is also available in several delicious flavours. And since pea protein is completely allergen free, it can be used by everyone without any trouble.

Our algae products are another great source of plant protein. Protein makes up 50-60% of their dry weight and contains most (and sometimes all) essential amino acids. However, algae are most well-known for their incredible nutrient density. Chlorella and spirulina algae are often called 'superfoods' for this reason. The less well-known microalgae from Plankton Holland also deserve this title. Each type of algae have unique benefits, on top of highly digestible protein, and therefore make an excellent source of vegan protein powder.

And the plant protein at LiveHelfi is, of course, of high quality and personally tested.

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