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Gelatin powder

Gelatin is a structural protein that is enriched in the connective tissues of cows, especially in the joints and bones. Gelatin has the property to solidify liquids when the mixture is cooled and is often used to add firmness to desserts, such as pudding. Gelatin powder is also an excellent source of protein and can be dissolved in warm liquids.

The combination of amino acids found in gelatin is different from the amino acids found in whey protein or collagen. It is advantageous to derive protein from different sources for a proper balance of essential amino acids. Powdered gelatin is easy to measure and to dissolve.

Gelatin powder available at LiveHelfi is of the highest quality. The highest quality gelatin comes from cows that were fed grass and were able to graze freely. Our bovine gelatin only comes from producers that value the health and well-being of their cows.

At LiveHelfi, we only provide products we support 100%. That means our gelatin powder only comes from trusted producers. By buying gelatin powder at LiveHelfi, you are certain of a product of the highest quality.

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