Powerlogy Nut Butter Combo

The Powerlogy Nut Butter Combo package contains three high-quality nut butters made with organic nuts that have been tested for oxidised fats and mycotoxins. With 10% discount.
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Powerlogy Nut Butter Combo

Nuts are particularly sensitive to toxin-producing fungi. Therefore, the careful selection of high-quality nuts and thorough testing is of great importance. To optimize quality and health, Powerlogy tests the nut butters for oxidation damage of unsaturated fats and mycotoxins. In this manner, Powerlogy guarantees a healthy product that provides great energy.

All nut butters are delicious as dips for fruit, addition to yoghurt, granola, smoothies or as a snack.

This bundle contains:

  • 1x Powerlogy 'Power Butter' almond butter, 300 gram.
    Powerlogy Power Butter is almond butter made from organic Sicilian almonds (99.8%) and sea salt (0.2% for the taste). The Powerlogy Power Butter has been awarded one Star at the Great Taste Awards in 2015. At the Great Taste Awards, products from small producers are tested annually for taste.

  • 1x Powerlogy 'Power Nougat' hazelnut spread, 300 gram.
    Powerlogy Power Nougat is a paleo and low carb friendly version of hazelnut spread. Powerlogy Power Nougat contains only high-quality ingredients, such as organic hazelnuts and Fino de Aroma cocoa, and 60% less sugar than commercial alternatives.
    Powerlogy Power Nougat has been awarded one star at the Great Taste Awards in 2017.

  • 1x Powerlogy 'Power Cashew' cashew cream, 330 gram.
    Powerlogy Power Cashew combines nutritious, tasty cashew nuts with extra energy from high-quality coconut MCT oil and healthy protein from grass-fed collagen hydrolysate in a creamy cashew spread.

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