Natural Stacks Gym Stack

The Natural Stacks Gym Stack contains four high-quality, commonly-used sports supplements that contribute to your sports performance, before, during and after training.
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The Natural Stacks Gym Stack

This Gym Stack gives you the complete arsenal of sports supplements that are commonly used and proven effective to improve physical performance and the effects of training. With this bundle, you safe €15 versus buying the individual products.

The Natural Stacks Gym Stack for physical performance and training contains:

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Natural Stacks BioCreatine

Creatine is a compound that muscles use as a quick source of energy. This energy can be rapidly used for high-intensity exercise. You can supplement with creatine to increase the amount of creatine present in muscles. By taking creatine, you can increase your performance on explosive muscular activity.
The more you can exhaust your muscles during training, the greater training results you can expect. This is why BioCreatine will help you get the most out of your training.

Natural Stacks Natural BCAAs

BCAAs is the abbreviation of Branched Chain Amino Acids, a special group of essential amino acids. These amino acids can't be made by the body and must therefore be taken as food or supplements. If you have enough BCAAs, the muscles will have the resources they need to build or restore themselves after training.

Natural Stacks Natural Protein Cacao

Taking in sufficient protein is very important to maintain the muscles after training or exercise. By combining whey protein isolate and collagen hydrolysate, you get a great balance of the amino acids that are needed to restore and build muscles. Natural Stacks Natural Protein Cacao has a mild chocolate flavour.

Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine

Aside from a general stimulating and energising effects, caffeine also helps with exercise and sports performance. It gives you more energy, improves your endurance during training and reduces how tired you feel. Smart Caffeine provides the stimulation you are accustomed to from caffeine, but with a lower risk of overstimulation that some people experience when drinking coffee.

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