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Ghee butter

Ghee is also known as clarified butter. Ghee butter is made by melting butter and separating the butter fats from the milk proteins. Ghee butter therefore only contains milk fats. Milk proteins and milk sugars (like lactose) can be offensive to some people, which makes the consumption of butter troublesome. Ghee butter has all the advantages of butter without any of the drawbacks of milk proteins and -sugars. Ghee also contains all fat-soluble vitamins from butter. Ghee butter is an excellent fat to use in baking because it is very heat stable due to a large amount of saturated fat contained within. Clarified butter is best stored at room temperature and has a long shelf life since it only contains saturated fats.

Where to buy ghee?

The quality of the milk determines the quality of the resulting ghee made with it. The best milk comes from cows that were able to eat a lot of grass and were allowed to graze freely. LiveHelfi only sells ghee produced from the milk of such cows. Therefore, if you are wondering where to buy the best ghee, LiveHelfi is the place to be. 

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