BrainEffect Exam Survival Stack

Four synergistic top supplements that support every aspect of the learning process and aid you in performing during your exams. Natural, no side effects, not addictive.
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Product information

The Exam Survival Stack contains four excellent supplements to support your mental performance:

You can click the supplement names for full product descriptions, ingredient lists, and instructions on use & dosage, but we have also given a brief description below for your convenience.

BrainEffect Focus

BrainEffect Focus supports your brain with essential vitamins and keeps you sharp during lectures and self-study. The greatest benefits are achieved after 20 consecutive days of use.

BrainEffect Mood

Go into your exams with a positive, relaxed attitude, due to highly motivated, careful preparation, supported by BrainEffect Mood. Use for at least 20 days in a row to get the greatest benefits.

BrainEffect Sleep

Sleep is critical for memorisation and performance during exams. Sleep strengthens your memory, making it easy to take in new information and recall it as needed. Use BrainEffect Sleep shortly before bedtime to fall asleep more easily.

Your Benefits

The supplements in the Exam Survival Stack are all high-quality supplements that everyone can use. They are 100% plant-based, and suitable for vegans and people with allergies. No side effects, non-addictive, and 100% legal.

These supplements were designed to support each others' effects and achieve all-around support for mental performance. Take them together and experience the benefits of their collaboration, enhancing every facet of your learning process.

By using these supplements, you will be less dependent on other stimulating or relaxing agents, using only natural products.

You will receive a €16 discount by buying this stack versus buying the individual products.


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