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This stunningly presented ebook is your passport to radically improved health. Contains over 40 delicious recipes, 30 days of meal plans with shopping lists, and plenty of practical guidance.
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About The Book

The approach to eating in this book is ideal for people that follow or wish to follow an LCHF, Primal, Bulletproof, or Paleo lifestyle.

It is designed to minimise toxic, health-sapping foods and maximise foods that nourish your body and brain, helping you to look, feel and perform at your best. Eating this way is very tasty and satisfying, requires zero willpower, keeps you feeling full and eliminates food cravings. It can also help you have more consistent energy, improved resilience, easier weight regulation, improved concentration and focus, reduced ageing, illness, and look fitter and healthier

Many people have told us that they would like to change to a more nutrient dense, higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet but have found it difficult to implement. That's why we developed a practical 30-day plan. This is not simply for people new to the LCHF, Primal, Bulletproof, Paleo approaches but also for people that currently follow this lifestyle, who will benefit from new inspiration and recipes to enhance their diet! 
This 94-page content rich ebook contains the principles of eating to nourish and thrive, plenty of practical advice including how to stock and equip your kitchen, 30 days of meal plans with shopping lists, and over 40 delicious recipes, all accompanied by beautiful colour photographs.

About the author: Laura Bolton

Laura is a holistic wellness consultant from London England, and founder of Live Pura Vida with a passion for helping others to look, feel and be their best self through diet and lifestyle.
Laura has always loved everything to do with food, however when it became evident that her diet wasn’t optimal for her health, she embarked on a journey to completely change the way she ate, using the principles of paleo, primal and bulletproof. This involved some challenges and many learnings, however it resulted in hugely positive personal change - she stopped getting ill, eliminated food cravings, experienced higher and more consistent energy levels, got leaner and emotionally felt a lot happier. Through this process, she also started developing recipes that look and taste amazing while helping you to look and feel great. She understands first hand the enormous power that food has to either destroy or improve our health and also how daunting it can be to change your diet. Because of this she now dedicates much of her time helping people who want to upgrade their health, change to a different way of eating while being able to enjoy food more than ever before. 

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