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Bulletproof MitoSweet

Bulletproof MitoSweet is a natural sweetener without glucose. Just as sweet as table sugar and similar in flavour. Contains 240 grams per jar.
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Product information

Why a sweetener without sugar?

Sweeteners often contain sugars like glucose and fructose. High intake of these sugars can have negative health consequences in the long term. Intake of glucose leads to an elevation of blood sugar, which you want to avoid on a ketogenic diet. To still be able to sweeten baked goods and beverages you can use sweeteners without glucose and fructose.

Benefits of Bulletproof MitoSweet

Bulletproof MitoSweet is a natural sweetener and sugar-substitute made from ribose, erythritol and monk fruit extract. The composition is carefully made to achieve a sweetness and flavour that is exactly like table sugar. Because of this, you won't have to convert a sugar substitute to match your recipes. Additionally, MitoSweet can easily be dissolved in fluids, making it an excellent sweetener for beverages as well.


Ribose is a sugar that naturally occurs in the body, where it is used as a building block, among other things. Ribose is sweet but does not contribute to blood sugar levels.

We are obligated by law to display D-ribose as 'sugar' in the nutritional value table. However, D-ribose is distinct from sucrose (table sugar) and glucose in structure and effects on the body.


Erythritol is naturally occurring sugar alcohol (polyol). Erythritol has a sweet flavour but isn't utilized as a sugar by the body. For this reason, consumption of erythritol does not elevate blood sugar levels.

Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) is a fruit from Asia. Monk fruit extract is a popular sweetener in China and Thailand. Extracts from this plant have a sweet flavour but do not contain sugar. Monk fruit extract is comparable to stevia extract in this aspect. Stevia is another plant whose extract is commonly used as a natural sweetener. The sweetness from monk fruit extract comes from compounds called mogrosides, which taste 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Ingredients & Use

Ingredients & Usage

Add Bulletproof MitoSweet to beverages and baked goods to replace table sugar at a ratio of 1:1.
One jar of Bulletproof MitoSweet contains 240 grams.

Nutritional value 8 g (2 teaspoons) % RI
Calories 20 1%
Total fats 0 g 0%
- Saturated fats 0 g 0%
- Trans fats 0 g *
Cholesterol 0 mg *
Natrium/sodium 95 mg 2%
Total carbohydrates 8 g 3%
- Total sugars 4 g 4%
- - Added sugars 4 g *
- - Polyols 3 g *
Fiber 0 g *
Protein 0 g 0%

RI = recommended daily reference intake based on a daily intake of 2000 kcal.
* RI unknown.

Ingredients: ribose, erythritol, monk fruit (Lua Han Guo) extract.

Warning: excessive consumption can have a laxative effect due to the erythritol content.


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