Blue light filter glasses

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Our modern-day LED lamps mostly give off blue light. Likewise, our TV, smartphone, and laptop also give off mostly blue light. Our eyes and brain are not capable of processing so much blue light. Processing this overdose of blue light takes a lot of energy. Eventually, this can lead to a whole range of issues, such as headaches, nearsightedness, fatigue, and disturbed sleep.

In nature, there is always a balance in the colour spectrum between red, blue and yellow. As the day turns to night, in nature, the red light increases and the blue light decreases. If you are using artificial light at night, the red light is missing from the colour spectrum. It is exactly this red light that signals the brain that night has begun and that the body should start producing melatonin.

Do blue light glasses help?

Yes, they do! The TrueDark blue light filter glasses restore the balance in the colour spectrum, reducing the intensity of the blue light. LiveHelfi offers blue light protection glasses for during daytime or for in the evening.

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